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Thornfield Outreach Service



The Thornfield Outreach Service provides specialist teaching and support for pupils at Stage 3 and Stage 5 of the Code of Practice, who have been identified as having a Specific Language Impairment. Advice and training is also provided for mainstream school staff on helping pupils with Specific Language Impairment to access the curriculum. The service covers schools in the Education Authority, North-Eastern region.


Referral Procedure:

All referrals are made to Special Education Branch through Educational Psychology.

Special Education Branch then forward appropriate referrals on to the Thornfield Outreach Service.


Nature of Outreach Support:

Depending on the needs of the pupils, Outreach support may involve some or all of the following:

  • Observation in class
  • Advice on education plan targets
  • Information on the characteristics of language impairment / classroom management strategies
  • Assessment of speech and language difficulties
  • Individual / group specialist teaching sessions as required (stage 3c pupils)
  • Development of individual speech and language programmes (stage 5 pupils)
  • Advice on implementing the above programmes
  • Regular monitoring of progress
  • Attendance at Annual Reviews
  • Reports and Advices to Special Education as requested.



Discharge from Outreach Service:

Pupils at stage 3 of the Code of Practice will receive three terms of specialist teaching. Pupils will then be reassessed and the results shared with Special Education Branch. A decision will then be made regarding further support. Many pupils will no longer require specialist support at this stage and can be discharged from the Service. Others may require continued support or may be considered for full time specialist placement.

Support levels for pupils at Stage 5 of the Code of Practice will be monitored through the Annual Review process.