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If your child has been accepted to Thornfield House School,


  • The Education Authority will inform the relevant Transport Departments that your son/daughter will be attending Thornfield House School and will require transport to and from school.


  • Your Transport Department will contact you, usually towards the end of August, to inform you who will be tranporting your child to an from school.


  • It would be apprecated if you could advise us if your child should be tranported to/from an address other than your home address - eg a childminder.


  • The driver should make contact with you to arrange the pick up time for your child.


  • It would be appreciated if parents could obtain a contact telephone number for the Bus Driver and advise him/her when their child will be absent.


  • Transport can be a little erratic at the beginning of the School year and we would ask parents to be patient until the new routine is established.