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World Book Day Story

To celebrate World Book Day we created a whole school fictional story. Each class wrote a section of a story and passed it onto the next class. Here is our final story, written by everyone at Thornfield House School!



Thornfield School’s World Book Day Story

 Once upon a time there was a builder and a superhero. The builder was busy building a school when suddenly..........  (Class 1/2) 


the superhero lifted the school up into the sky. The superhero was on his way to the moon with the school when an alien shot at him. (Class 3/4)


The superhero woke up on a different planet and he had to fight all the aliens. Then they had a party because the superhero got married. The superhero said, “never fight again”. (Class 4) 


The superhero and his wife decided to explore some other planets. They decided to visit Pluto. On Pluto they met a space dog called Pluto who was wearing a space suit. Pluto said, ‘I’ve been trapped here, and I need your help!’ (Class 5/6)


‚Äč"Come with us we'll bring you to your planet" said the superhero. The superhero, his wife and Pluto got ready to leave when they seen a U.F.O. The aliens in the U.F.O captured them because Pluto had a special crystal that could destroy a planet in seconds. (Class 6)


Pluto had it hidden on his collar and ate the crystal. The aliens took them to Mars and put the Superhero and his wife in a rat-infested cage. They then took Pluto to the Alien Hospital. Pluto knew the aliens were going to surgically remove the crystal from his stomach. (Class 6/7)


Superfast, the superhero and his wife broke out of the cage.  They rushed to the Alien Hospital and rescued Pluto from having the operation. Free at last, they all set off on their journey to the moon.  (Class 7)


When they landed on the moon they found a space cat.  The said "Follow me".  The space cat took them to a space bunker.  (Class 8)


Inside the space bunker it was warm and cosy.  There was a 72 inch Samsung TV which was showing "Tom and Jerry" on Spaceflix.  They had pizza and popcorn to eat.  (Class 9/10)


Meanwhile on Earth, the builder had just finished the school when he heard a boom in the sky.  As he looked up he just time to jump out of the way before a space pod hit the school and demolished it.  The Superhero, his wife, Pluto the dog and the Space Cat emerged from the space pod and walked slowly away.... (Class 11/12)