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COVID 19 Arrangements

To all parents,

I hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to seeing you all again soon, a few parents have enquired about school protocols on varying aspects of school life and as mentioned in my last correspondence to you a week ago, we will be discussing and agreeing our approaches when staff return to duty on the 18th August. This is almost one week before the projected return date for our pupils. (24th August 2020)). Following these discussions we will inform you of any aspects you need to be aware of.

Last Friday 14th I spoke to our school cook and she has assured me that she will be able to offer lunches from the school kitchen, these will not be the hot cooked meals the pupils are used to but a packaged lunch style dinner. Hot cooked food will commence a week later at the start of September. School kitchens are not stocked with food needing cooking until just before September, however no child requiring school dinners will be left empty handed.


Transport have informed me that they have requested bus drivers and taxis to be ready to transport pupils from the 24th September, whilst I have little influence over the EA`s transport service, I assume that this will be the case on the 24th. You may take this up with your local transport office if you wish.


It is likely that we will create secure (as far as possible) bubbles around our classes and pupils will learn, eat and play within these bubbles to enhance our protection and ensure we are as safe as we can be.

Other key considerations for our discussions before school reopens to pupils will be school bag arrangements, homework formats, the staff PPE arrangements and safe entrance to and exit from school for all concerned.


You will appreciate that these are complex discussions but following our first meeting next Tuesday which has been set aside to talk through all these arrangements we hope to be in a position to inform you all at greater length.

Meanwhile we look forward to our new arrivals visiting school on the 21st prior to the whole school starting on the 24thand want to reassure you that we will be making every effort to provide a safe and secure educational environment for all. These issues are a major challenge to us all and we work best when we work together to overcome the hurdles.

Yours sincerely

Colm Burns

Principal Thornfield House School.